Giving Day for Hampden-Sydney College

GIVING DAY ... April 19, 2016

Join Alumni, Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Friends in giving today!

Thank you for over 900 gifts on Giving Day 2016! Stay tuned for final results.

Tigers of The Hill

Travis Irvin '05
I grew up in Farmville and started going to basketball and soccer camps at Hampden-Sydney around the age of 8 years old. It is at that very early stage in my life that I fell in love with everything that is great about Hampden-Sydney. This certainly made my decision on where I would attend college very easy for me. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Bortz when he said, "Remember your foundations, your traditions, your honor. In so doing you will be always, always a Hampden-Sydney gentleman."
Richmond, VA

Robb Koether
I was a Boy Scout in middle and high school and began volunteering as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster in graduate school. My involvement has grown to be a long history of giving time and effort to Boy Scouts over the last 43 years. I have led more 50-miler trips on canoes, bicycles, and on foot than you can count, as well as of the usual weekend campouts. Five of the 50-mile hikes were in the Rocky Mountains, including one trip to Glacier National Park. My love of the outdoors and especially of backpacking culminated in the completion of the 2179-mile Appalachian Trail in 2010. I am happy to have been able to use what I love to do while at the same time contributing to building the character, skills, and self-esteem of generations of Boy Scouts. Many of my Scouts have become Eagle Scouts and some are HSC graduates.
Hampden-Sydney, VA

Dr. Elizabeth Deis
In terms of the academics, I think the programs that I'm involved with and the academics across the board are very serious. Nobody's faking anything. Nobody's pretending to educate when they're really not. So I like that a lot. Even though it means a lot of work.
Farmville, VA

Errol Alexander '19
My dad sort of put me on to this school. I think it was probably the rich tradition of what kind of men they honest, hard-working man. I feel like I've learned more in my short time being here than I have through all my high school, middle school, and elementary school put together. I've written more papers and learned more this year than I can even describe.
Arlington, VA

Chandler Harvey '19
"I always heard about the brotherhood and how close everyone was but, I've already met some friends that I know are going to be lifelong. It just surprised me how close I could get to all the people here as quickly as I did."
Appomattox, VA

Shaquann Seadrow '16
There's a lot of intellectual opportunity here, particularly with research. Being a science major in Physics and Math, the openness for faculty to want you to be a part of their research is something I wouldn't see happening at a larger institution. Being here has given me the opportunity to go to three different large institutions to do research, so I'm pretty grateful for the relationships I've made with the faculty here. Part of that is the one-on-one that we can get with professors here. Had I not gotten that with Dr. Keohane, or Dr. Jayne, or Dr. Hulsizer, they probably would not have come up to me at a larger institution with 200 people or so in a class saying, "Hey, you should take my upper-level," or "Hey, you should think about doing this for the summer." I think with smaller classes, teachers can really spot out the unique qualities in their students, which is very helpful in finding opportunities.
Norfolk, VA

Dr. Marc Hight
"I've had a number of opportunities to leave, yet I'm still here. The primary reason I'm still here is because I'm still very committed to the fundamental mission of the institution, which is educating bright young minds. And I believe, having taught at larger institutions and other small ones that we still do that here. That is, there's an opportunity to educate young minds and to reach them in ways that I don't get if I have a class of 400 or even 150. But it's also the nature of the community, partially because it's isolated, partially because it's small. It enables me to interact and, I think the right word is to push my students both outside of class and inside of class. And as a result, I can do more in the classroom here than I could elsewhere. And that's worth a lot."
Hampden-Sydney, VA

Cole Cipriani '18
"I'm glad I'm being stretched in all areas because of this great liberal arts institution. Right now I'm actually on my way to Garnet and Grey Society (Admissions Tour Guide). I love giving back while I'm on campus. To be a Hampden-Sydney man, I think you have to go through all areas of life: the social scene, academics, and of course, when you go out into the community. What's that quote? Forming good men and good citizens. So that really shapes it."
Fredericksburg, VA

Jake Rockenbach '16
"I came here with a 'work hard, play hard' mentality. I definitely had plenty of fun, but I missed my senior Greek Week to present my honors research in San I guess 'work hard' won out in the end. But it got me where I wanted to go because I'll be starting at Emory University in the fall to get my Master's in Public Health."
Southport, NC


Fund This Hill Initiative

Let's Help our Students!

Projects to enhance the student experience:

  1. Omicron Delta Kappa – National Convention trip$1,800

  2. Math/Computer Science – Regional Conference trip$1,500

  3. Archeology May Term –Containers and Supplies$500

  4. Sigma Tau Delta (English) – VMFA and Virginia Opera trip$600

  5. Model OAS (History) – Annual Washington DC trip$2,000

  6. Student Affairs – Bikes and Bike Racks for campus$2,000

  7. Escape Room – Adventure games in Bortz Library$1,500

April 19 Giveaways

Outfit yourself or your canine companion…11 AM Congratulations Stephen Waskey ’90

  • Vineyard Vines H-SC Belt and hat of your choice


  • H-SC dog leash, collar, drinking bowl, and handkerchief

Framed Campus Print…1 PM Congratulations Michael Tomkies ’83

  • 5”x7” pen and ink print of Venable Hall

Hampden-Sydney Button-down…3 PM Congratulations Matt Garrison ‘99

  • Peter Millar nano-luxe royal Oxford button-down

H-SC Tailgate Basket…5 PM Congratulations Dana Darden Copeland

  • H-SC cooler-tote, alumni pint glasses, a velour koozie, and other party essentials

Professional Photo Session w/ Courtney Vogel…7 PM Congratulations Michael and Joan Musser

  • One-hour session on campus with Courtney Vogel: perfect for family photos, engagement photos, or graduation photos

H-SC Golf or Gun Case Package…9 PM Congratulations Lucas Blankenship '19

  • H-SC Under Armour Golf Shirt, Legacy golf hat, and a dozen H-SC golf balls


  • An embossed leather H-SC gun case

Homecoming Tailgate Package…10 AM Wednesday Congratulations Andrew Fusaro ’10

  • Tailgate tents, two parking spaces on the rail, Granny B’s fried chicken, chairs, tables, and coolers provided in the Founders Lot during Homecoming 2016 (October 8, 2016)