Model OAS

Help us continue the tradition of participating in the Model OAS in DC!


Model OAS (History)

Since 1997, Hampden-Sydney has been taking a team of ten to twelve students each year to the Model Organization of American States (MOAS) which meets each spring in Washington, D.C. The Washington Model allows students to interact on important hemispheric issues with students from colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Men chosen for the model research the history of the country that Hampden-Sydney represents that year, study issues important to the hemisphere, prepare position papers on those issues, research the positions of other nations in the hemisphere, and write draft resolutions for deliberation at the Model. The Model itself provides an exercise in political coalition-building, effective diplomacy, persuasive reasoning through public argument, and requires a knowledge of, and ability to maneuver through, the proper procedures of formal debate. Through it all, HSC students represent the positions and interests of a country that is not their own. As one student wrote after the Model: "the experience in diplomacy, the net-working with students from across the hemisphere, the insights gained from representing the views of another country, and the skills practiced in explaining and defending my resolution were valuable preparation for my future career in law."

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